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How to upgrade your CTT engine liner for an efficient CTT-3C engine

By Steve BowermanThe latest CTT engines are being engineered with the same basic principles as the original engines.However, the CTT design process involves more than a few changes.A CTT, or CTT Engineering Works, is an engineering design process that includes the following components:A CTT engineer who has previously built an engine for a given application.A […]

How to get started with Cisco CTP, a cloud-based CTP engine

How to create your own CTP application that leverages Cisco CTCP services.CTCPE is a cloud service that provides an application layer for managing CTP applications, which in turn provides a web application layer that can be used for many other types of applications, such as email, video streaming, and other services.CTCPE was designed to support […]

China to spend $3 billion on engine linings in Italy

China has begun to invest in the development of its engine liner industry with the aim of developing its own high-performance engines, according to the head of China’s state-owned CITIC engine engineering.Citing “high-performance and reliable” technologies, CITICA President Li Qing told a news conference on Monday that the country will invest $3bn in its engine […]

Gas, coal, oil, and natural gas prices: The real story of gas and oil markets

Gas, oil and natural-gas prices are in a long tailspin, as the energy sector is trying to keep up with global demand and is trying new and exotic ways to extract it, according to industry analysts and experts.In particular, natural-energy firms are trying to tap into the emerging markets and the cheap gas coming from […]

How CTE can be prevented: What to do when it happens

CTE, a brain disease characterized by memory loss and diminished ability to think, is a chronic and debilitating condition that is also known as “Celtic Tiger Syndrome.”It is a disease of the brain that occurs during or after brain trauma, including the trauma of a suicide, murder or other violent act.CTE is typically not diagnosed […]

What is CTP?

The CTP Service Engineer is a role that is typically required to manage a CTP service.The CTCS provides the technical capability and knowledge to design and deploy CTP-based services.CTPs role is to provide technical expertise and technical support to CTP engineers, as well as to support the operations of the CTP infrastructure and the provision […]

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