CTP Engineer’s cardigan made of Lego bricks is the coolest item on the market

CTP engineer Scott H. Cope, who heads up engineering for a company that sells custom-made electrical devices and components, made a few items out of Lego in the past.

Cope is the latest CTP to make the switch to Lego after he built a custom-built power supply out of a Lego piece last year.

He said he likes the Lego parts more than the PVC pipes that go into the power supply.


Here’s Scott Cope’s power supply (with Lego components) pic.twitter.com/QZ3XpYz7qk — Adam R. Hochman (@A_Hochman) March 7, 2021I was very pleased to see that this is now a staple in our work.

It’s made in the USA, CTP Engineering works!

— Scott C. (@ScottCope) March 8, 2021Here’s another of his Lego creations:And another of mine:I can’t wait to show them to my kids and make them think of what they can do with it!

— Craig D. (@Craig_D_Reed) March 9, 2021The company is currently testing the product on an electrical utility’s systems and says it’s the first of its kind to be designed entirely in Lego.

The company said it plans to make more Lego products for customers in the future.

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