A new coin with a similar coin idea and a similar name, but without the coins face image.

An image for this coin has been created using the Crypto Coins Forum’s image template.

The image was created using an image editor, which is the same tool that was used to create the original image.

The image was initially created by a user who created an image of a coin with an image that is identical to that of the one used in the original coin.

The coin has a similar face design, but its not a coin, and the coins logo has been removed from the image.

The user who first created the image created a new coin called the Cryptoin.

The creator of the coin, who goes by the name “Aeon”, was not immediately available for comment.

The coin is not available for pre-sale on the Crypto Coin Forum, but can be found on Bittrex.

The Cryptoin has an estimated value of $5,000, and is trading at $5.16.

The Crypto Coins forum also has a thread about a new altcoin called “LazyCoin”, which is based on the same design as the Crypto coins coin, but has a different coin logo.

The currency is currently trading at 0.0421 Bitcoin.

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