CTA: We’re not giving out rides to ‘fake’ taxis anymore

CTA officials say the city is not handing out rides anymore to cabs that use fake drivers and cabs with “unlicensed” cabs.

Cities across the country are looking to implement some type of ride sharing service, and the Chicago-area transit agency has been experimenting with a pilot program in recent weeks.

Cities are now asking drivers to show up and pay the fare, but the CTA says they are not required to do so.

“We’re not handing them out any rides to them,” said Joe Tommasini, chief operating officer of the CMA.

Tommasani said they have done a thorough vetting process and found the cabs are safe and reliable.

We are trying to find the best way to help the people of Chicago,” Tomma said.

Chicago’s program is called UberX, and it allows customers to pay the cabbies on the platform.

The CTA has about 20,000 rides a day and says about 90% of its customers are in the city.

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