New CTP Engine Lineups for 2017

A new CTP engine lineup is set to debut in the UK and Ireland this year, according to CTP’s Engine Liners and Construction Equipment Sales Group.

CTP Engine Liner & Construction Equipment sales director Dave MacKenzie said the company is in discussions with the UK’s Ministry of Defence about a possible contract for an engine for the RAF.

“We are working with the MoD to try and find out what the UK needs, what they need, and what we can do,” he told The Register.

He said that CTP had “some new engines” and that it had “just been testing them”.

The CTP Group was founded in 2010, and has more than 20,000 employees worldwide.

A spokesperson for the MoM told The Reg: “The MoD have been clear in their view that they do not consider any new technology to be ‘military’ or ‘combat’ technology.”

However, MacKenderys defence group is in talks with the Ministry of Defense about a potential contract for a CTP-designed engine for Britain’s RAF.

The company is also in discussions to sell engines to the US Air Force and Marine Corps.

The MoM said that it has already taken action to stop potential CTP sales, including in the case of the United States, which has been accused of a range of alleged security breaches, including cyber attacks.

According to MacKenders Defence group, it is in “continuous discussions” with the British Ministry of defence on the matter.

This article originally appeared on The Reg.

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