Trump to cut $300M for CEV Program

The Trump administration is proposing a $300 million cut to the United States’ $10 billion CTV program, an engineering program that has been instrumental in the country’s rapid deployment of advanced nuclear warheads.

The proposed budget, announced by Trump on Wednesday, would eliminate the program by 2020 and instead focus on other priorities.

The budget also would make the Office of Science and Technology Policy responsible for the CTV’s costs and funding.

“The President believes that CTV is an invaluable asset to our national security, and that its use should be a priority for the next administration,” Trump said.

“However, we must balance our national defense budget and ensure that the CTE Program is well funded and properly supported.”

The White House has also indicated that it would work to find a way to reduce the cost of the CTP, which has come under increased scrutiny since Trump’s election.

A report from the Congressional Research Service in March suggested that the program’s cost per deployed weapon had increased by more than $400 million since 2008.

The CTP program was established in 1985, when President Ronald Reagan ordered the U.S. to spend $15 billion on it.

Trump has argued that the cost was necessary to support U.N. peacekeeping operations in the Balkans.

But critics argue that the U,S.

has been spending money on weapons in Afghanistan and Iraq without a clear end in sight.

The White Senate has also expressed concerns about the CPT program, saying that it is “a political football that the President and his team have made up on the spot.”

The budget proposal also seeks to shift the responsibility for the program to the Office for Science and Technological Advancement, which the White House said would take a “more hands-on” role.

“CTV has been a critical part of our security strategy for more than a decade, providing us with an early warning system to prevent nuclear war, the capability to monitor nuclear tests, and a warning system that will allow the President to quickly respond to nuclear threats if necessary,” the budget said.

The office of science and technology policy, also known as the Office, is responsible for overseeing the program.

It oversees all aspects of the program, including the research and development, procurement, testing, and deployment of nuclear warheads and other nuclear weapons.

The Trump budget does not mention the Office specifically, but the proposal does note the Office will be “responsible for administering the CTA program and its funding.”

“The CTA Program’s mission has always been to provide the President with an accurate and timely forecast of the nuclear threat environment,” the Trump administration said in a statement.

“In the new Administration, the Office has taken a hands-off approach to CTA and its budget, which is consistent with the Administration’s long-standing policy of focusing on nuclear weapons.”

The Office of Technology Assessment, which administers the CTS program, is also “responsible” for the budget, the White Senate said.

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