Technical information for the CTA CTP Engine Parts Booklet

CTA Engineering booklet CTA Engine Parts booklets are now available for purchase at CTA Engines and Parts locations nationwide.

These are the same information and directions that CTA has provided for their CTP Engines, CTP Fuel, and CTP Accessories booklets.

You can find the CTP engine parts information in the booklets that will be offered in stores nationwide.

The booklets can be ordered from CTA’s online store at: or by calling (866) 454-2750.

The CTA engine parts booklet is a convenient way to learn about the CTS and CTA engines and parts that you need to make your own CTA fuel cell vehicle.

Each CTA Fuel Cell vehicle will include CTP parts, CTA accessories, and a complete power source for the engine.

These books are for CTS-based vehicles only.

To learn more about CTS, CTS accessories, CTC parts, and the CTC fuel cell, visit the CCTS website: www;

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