How to be a ‘wonderful’ tech worker

A tech worker at a tech company in Northern California says he was fired because he complained about being yelled at and harassed by fellow workers.

The unnamed employee told The Hill that the firing was due to the “wonderfulness” of the tech company.

He said he was told by a manager that he was not welcome at the company anymore because of his complaint about harassment and discrimination.

“I thought he was joking,” the unnamed employee said.

“He’s just not that kind of company.

I was shocked and really angry.”

The tech worker is one of several tech workers who have complained about harassment, intimidation and bullying at the firm, including a former employee who was fired after complaining about being shouted at and called names by his co-workers.

The company has a long history of harassment complaints and has faced multiple lawsuits for wrongful termination and wrongful termination of workers.

The California Labor Commission ruled last year that the company violated the state’s anti-discrimination law by firing the former employee and his co.

The California Labor Department issued a ruling last year saying the company failed to adequately investigate and respond to complaints against its employees, but did not require that the former co-worker be reinstated.

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