CTP engine liner engine has been tested in the wild in the Yukon

The CTP gas engine used in the new CTP passenger trains is being tested in Alberta and is being produced by a private company, says Transport Canada.

The new CTS passenger trains will operate in two phases, starting with a test train in late 2018.

The trains will be operated on a regular schedule starting in 2019.

The CTP engines are a combination of the CTP diesel and CTP hydrogen.

The diesel engine produces up to 90 megawatts of power.

The hydrogen engine is powered by natural gas.

The first phase of the project, starting in 2021, will involve rolling out the engines in Alberta.

In 2019, the CTS will begin testing the engines on an experimental basis in British Columbia, says a statement from the Transport Canada website.

In total, more than 4,200 of the new trains will roll out of Thunder Bay, Ont.

The new trains are part of a $3.9-billion CTP project to replace aging trains and move freight more efficiently.

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