CTP Engineering Industria secures $11.5M bid for CTP Gas Engine Parts

By William V. Shreve, ReutersCTP Engineering Industries, a California-based firm specializing in gas engine parts and components, on Wednesday secured a $11 million bid for the supply chain of its CTS-300 engine components.CTP, based in the San Jose, California, area, has been working to diversify its supply chain with a series of acquisitions that includes the injection-molded CTS Engine parts business.

CTP will supply engines, pipes and piping to Pratt & Boeing, and has also acquired a large supply of the CTS engine parts business for $10 million in a separate deal.CTS is the mainstay of military and government fleets.

Pratt &amps; Boeing is the world’s largest engine maker.

The CTS company said it will focus on supplying parts to Pratt for the next several years, and that the deal will create approximately 15,000 jobs in California.

The contract is the latest in a series between CTP and Pratt &amperes to diversification.

CTS last year secured a bid for a smaller component supplier that would supply parts for its jet engines.

The deal will allow CTP to focus on its core business of providing high-quality components to commercial aircraft and government agencies, CTP Chief Executive Officer Tim Sartori said in a statement.

It will also help CTP gain additional visibility into the global engine supply chain, Sartoria said.

The new deal with Pratt &AMP&B comes as Pratt &ammes plans to acquire the C&ampamp;C engine parts manufacturer CTS Group, according to people familiar with the matter.

Pratt also plans to buy C&ampere engines for its next-generation C-5A Super Hercules aircraft, the people said.

While C&AMpere is a smaller competitor to Pratt&amp.;B, it is also more sophisticated in manufacturing parts for the engines, and Pratt&ammes is a leader in providing those parts for Pratt&amps;B, the People said.

In an interview with Reuters on Tuesday, Pratt&ample Chief Executive Tom McGovern said that the acquisition of C&amps business will enable CTP’s efforts to focus more closely on supplying engines to Pratt, while providing new opportunities for C&AMP&amppl to build on its global supply chain.

C&amp&ampl and Pratt have been in talks for more than a year about buying C&ams parts business, said C&amping Chief Financial Officer Andrew F. Smith.

The company has said it expects to complete the transaction in the first half of 2020, Smith said.

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