How to fix a broken Twitter account

The latest issue with Twitter has come to light.

The social media giant has been experiencing some issues with users trying to connect to their accounts, according to Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey.

The company is trying to address the issue by temporarily suspending its account, and also by asking people to switch to another account.

Users are still able to log into Twitter through a login that does not require a phone number.

Users should use the Twitter mobile app, or follow the instructions below to manually reset their password.1.

Sign in to Twitter using your Google or Facebook account.

If you are not using your account, follow the steps below.2.

Click on the Settings tab.

Click Reset password.

Enter the email address that you used to sign up for Twitter and click Confirm.

Click Save and click OK.3.

Now, sign in again using your other Google or FB account.

Once signed in, click on the Reset password button.

Enter your email address and click Save and login.4.

Log out of Twitter using the email you used when signing in.

Log in again, and click on Reset password again.

Enter an email address, and select a different password.

If all goes well, you will receive a confirmation email.

If not, you may need to click the Reset account button again.5.

After logging out, go to the account that you signed up for, and reset it.

If everything went well, the reset process should be complete.

If it hasn’t, go back to the login page.6.

When you are finished, click Sign in again.

Your account should be back to normal.

If there are any problems with it, let us know in the comments below.

Twitter was once the best way to tweet about anything.

But in recent years, the platform has become a lot less accessible to many users.

Twitter’s troubles are a result of the social media platform losing its way.

Twitter is still in its infancy, and the company has been struggling with user growth and retention.

As it loses users to other platforms, the company is slowly losing money.

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