How to buy a €10,000 Tesla: the best deal

The world’s biggest carmaker has revealed the best prices on a range of cars for sale on its website, in a move that some have described as a “marketing coup”.

The $20,000 Model S, priced from $69,800, comes with a four-year contract, and starts at $71,000.

The Tesla Model X, which has a range from $71.9k, is a four door sedan and starts from $80,000, and the $91,000 Range Rover Evoque starts from around $93,000 on the website.

“Tesla Motors is the best car-buying company on the planet,” said the website, which lists prices for a range to be “up to 80 per cent off”.

“This Tesla price reduction allows us to deliver the best price on a new car in the world.

It’s a significant improvement on the previous model year, when Tesla was offering an all-new Model X for $100,000.”

Tesla is selling the Model X exclusively in California.

A spokesperson said the price reduction was part of a wider “global initiative” and “our new price plan will continue to bring great value to customers, which includes lower-priced models, new technologies and more flexible finance plans.”

The website also lists the range for the Model S: “With the best possible driving experience, the Tesla Model S has been awarded the best driving experience award by Autocar and the Editors’ Choice Award by Consumer Reports.”

There is also a new option for the $100k Model X called the $90,000 X.

A similar “all-electric” option is also available, and a more affordable $70,000 option.

A new $80k Model 3 sedan will be introduced later this year.

Tesla has also said it plans to build 300k Model S sedans, with an additional 200k Model 2 sedans.

“We have a lot of exciting new cars in the pipeline, and we have been working closely with the car industry for years to provide great value for customers, including the Model 3,” Tesla said.

“It’s going to be a really exciting car.”

Earlier this month, Tesla said it was building “a new supercharger network for the entire US and the world”.

The company said it expected to have 500k Model 4 sedans in production by the end of 2019, and 600k Model 5 sedans by 2021.

It added: “Tesla will be able to deliver these vehicles faster than any other manufacturer, with our Supercharger system capable of reaching speeds up to 120km/h in just under a minute.

The Superchargers are a critical part of our global network.”

A Tesla spokesperson said this would be “one of the biggest improvements in the Model 4 lineup since the car’s inception in 2014”.

“Tesla is a global leader in electrification, and this new network will allow us to offer a truly global offering,” it said.

Tesla’s first electric car, the $60,000 Superchargor Roadster, was unveiled in 2018.

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