What to look out for when ordering a CTP engine for your CTP-2 engine

Business Insider has received a report from a source inside the CTP Engineering Team that some of the engine linings used in the CTS-3 are not the correct materials.

The source tells us that the materials used to produce the ctps that will be used in this engine are the same as those used in CTS engines.

We have reached out to CTS for comment and will update this story if we hear back.

The engine liner used in both the CTL and CTP engines used to power the CTC-1 and CTC2 aircrafts is a composite material called a boron nitride.

It is a highly toxic compound which can be easily degraded into more toxic compounds when exposed to air and water.

We’ve reached out for more information from CTS about what is happening to the borons in these liners and will continue to follow this story as it develops.

We’ve reached a point where we’ve seen several CTP engineers being interviewed about this topic and are also concerned about what we are seeing.

We’re working with CTS to make sure we have the correct information for our customers when ordering engines.

As we speak, we’ve received a request for comment from CTP that is based on the information we’ve already received and have taken action to ensure that this is in fact the case.

The source told us that there are a number of materials used in our engines that are different from those used by our competitors and they will not be produced in the correct material.

We are looking into this and we hope to have an update in the next few days to let our customers know what they can expect to see when they order their CTP Engines.

Stay tuned to Business Insider as we’ll keep you updated.

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