Fox Sports’ new sports channel, CTP, aims to be more than just a sports channel

Fox Sports announced a new sports-focused channel called CTP on Monday.

The channel, which will be hosted by ESPN anchor Jemele Hill, will feature “a unique blend of sports, technology and entertainment,” according to the channel’s website.

ESPN president John Skipper called the new channel “a new breed of content that will take us beyond sports and beyond the confines of the sports business and deliver a deeper understanding of the human condition, as well as a deeper, more diverse perspective on our society and world,” according the channel website.

Hill has been a vocal critic of ESPN and the NFL over its handling of sexual harassment allegations.

She has been accused of “repeatedly assaulting women,” “harassing and humiliating” and “unwelcome conduct” by multiple women who have come forward with allegations of her behavior.

The allegations came after ESPN fired former President and CEO of ESPN, Darren Rovell, in March for violating company policies.

Hill tweeted that she was “shocked” by ESPN’s decision to fire Rovell.

Hill and other former employees of ESPN have also launched an online petition calling on ESPN to “investigate” Hill.

“We’ve been working tirelessly to hold ESPN accountable for its actions, and we know we’re not alone in that effort,” Hill tweeted.

ESPN has said it is looking for a new CEO for the channel.

The new channel will be called CPT, which stands for CTP and Sports, according to its website.

It will be available to viewers in the United States, Canada and parts of Europe.

Hill previously joined ESPN in 2011 and currently anchors a daily NFL telecast.

The CTP channel is the second major sports channel to debut on Fox Sports this year.

ESPN launched its new channel, The Journey, earlier this year, which features the NFL, MLB, NBA and NCAA Division I college football.

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