How to turn a business into a service engineer

The startup Ctp Engineering Industria is building a cloud service that lets you connect to your business data and see how its doing in real time. 

The company launched a beta program to get a sense of what its service is like, and they’re hoping to launch a fully-featured service later this year.

The company’s chief technology officer, Alex Sosnowski, explains in the video below how the service works. 

“The thing about this is that if you’ve ever done anything like that, you’ve seen how this can be a really great way to get real-time data in real-space,” he says.

“We’re building a way to have data in a physical space that we can use for data analytics, real-estate analytics, and real-times data.

And so, it’s very much about bringing real-world data to a cloud, and it’s a service that can actually run on your business network.” 

The service has two main components: a data hub that’s connected to a corporate cloud service, and a custom dashboard for tracking your data.

You can tap into the data you’re interested in and the dashboard displays data like sales, revenue, and other data.

You can sign up for a trial to get started, or you can just sign up to the beta program if you want to get in on the ground floor of what Ctp Engineers Industrial will eventually offer. 

It’s unclear at this point how much the company is charging for the service, but Sosnaowski says the company will start charging for access to the data it provides in the future.

Ctp Engineers Industria The service is still in its early stages, and Sosniowski says that’s because he’s focused on building a service around data, not a data analytics company.

But if you’re looking for a service to connect to, you might want to start there.

The company has been around for some time, but it’s now in a new era with its latest release.

It was launched earlier this year with a focus on building an API to make it easy for third-party developers to build out the dashboard on top of the platform.

Development Is Supported By

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