Month: August 2021

China to spend $3 billion on engine linings in Italy

China has begun to invest in the development of its engine liner industry with the aim of developing its own high-performance engines, according to the head of China’s state-owned CITIC engine engineering.Citing “high-performance and reliable” technologies, CITICA President Li Qing told a news conference on Monday that the country will invest $3bn in its engine […]

What to look out for when ordering a CTP engine for your CTP-2 engine

Business Insider has received a report from a source inside the CTP Engineering Team that some of the engine linings used in the CTS-3 are not the correct materials.The source tells us that the materials used to produce the ctps that will be used in this engine are the same as those used in CTS […]

Gas, coal, oil, and natural gas prices: The real story of gas and oil markets

Gas, oil and natural-gas prices are in a long tailspin, as the energy sector is trying to keep up with global demand and is trying new and exotic ways to extract it, according to industry analysts and experts.In particular, natural-energy firms are trying to tap into the emerging markets and the cheap gas coming from […]

How CTE can be prevented: What to do when it happens

CTE, a brain disease characterized by memory loss and diminished ability to think, is a chronic and debilitating condition that is also known as “Celtic Tiger Syndrome.”It is a disease of the brain that occurs during or after brain trauma, including the trauma of a suicide, murder or other violent act.CTE is typically not diagnosed […]

What is an environmental engineer?

ctp engineer is a new and growing field of engineering that deals with the design and engineering of energy systems and applications.With a broad range of disciplines, ctp engineers can be employed to design and construct energy systems, provide technical support, or build complex projects for large companies and governments.In the past decade, the field […]

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