How to Build the world’s most energy-efficient building

New Delhi: CPT Engineering, the engineering consultancy that is helping India build the world “greenest” buildings, is making a significant investment to build India’s first energy-intensive building, the company said on Monday.

The building, a residential complex at Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus in central New Delhi, will be the first in the country to use energy-saving features such as solar panels and wind turbines.

The Chhatra Pratap Birla Group, which is part of CPT, has spent around Rs.2,000 crore to build the complex, with the first phase of the project scheduled to be completed by 2022.”CPT Engineering has built a complex for India’s second largest city, Delhi, in an area of 2.5 lakh sq. metres and it will be one of the world\’s first,” said Gautam Gupta, the head of CTP\’s engineering department.

“With the construction of this building, CPT has become a pioneer in building energy- and climate-efficient buildings.”

The company is working with the Indian government to ensure the buildings are energy-neutral, which means they do not require any power or electricity infrastructure.

Energy use in the building is estimated at around 60% to 80%, depending on the configuration of the building, but CPT estimates that this is not a problem.

“This building will be energy-friendly, as it will use the lowest amount of energy per square metre, and we are planning to reduce it further with the use of solar panels,” Gupta said.

The first phase is estimated to cost around Rs 4,500 crore.CPT is part-owned by Indian conglomerate Bharti Enterprises and is also part of the consortium for building the Chandigarh Metro.

The Chandigarsh Metro was inaugurated in December, and is set to link Mumbai with New Delhi.

It is the largest public transport project in the world.

The CPT building is part on a project that CPT and the Indian Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (ICSI) jointly designed.

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