Tata group to unveil new IT services platform in India

The Tata Group has unveiled a new IT platform that it claims will be able to support the future growth of the IT services market in India.

In a video briefing, Tata CEO Virender Sehwag said the platform will be a combination of technologies including blockchain, smart contracts, analytics, and distributed cloud.

He said the new platform would allow the Tata group and other companies to leverage blockchain technology to provide the same level of flexibility as its IT products.

In the video, Sehwagu says the platform, which has been in development for the past three years, is a joint venture between Tata and IT services giant Infosys Ltd (IESL).

He said the technology will be used by the company’s IT products and services to connect its customers and employees.

Sehwag also revealed the new infrastructure that the group will be deploying, called T2.

T2 will allow the company to provide “world class IT services to all the Indian consumers”.

He said T2 will be powered by an open-source technology called SmartContract that will be distributed by the Tata Group.

Tata and IESL are the only two players in the sector that are developing blockchain technologies, according to Sehwagen.

Sehrag said T1 was a platform that Tata was trying to bring to market.

He said that the company has been working on the T2 platform for the last three years and is now looking at other players in this space.

“We have been working with IESl for about three years now, and are now looking to work with others in the space,” Sehwog said.

He also said Tata was in discussions with some of the other major players in blockchain technology, including Digital Asset Holdings (DAH) and Blockchain India.

Talks with DAH, he added, would help the Tata team understand how the blockchain technology could be applied to its business, which will then be able “to make the right investments in the right areas”.

Tata is one of the world’s largest technology companies.

It is one the largest players in India’s IT sector.

It has around 300 million customers, making it the largest in the world.

The Tata Group also owns Infosy and the IT giant Infocomm.

The new platform is likely to be unveiled at the Tata Summit on Technology, Innovation and Economic Development, which is taking place on November 8 in New Delhi.

Tata said it will also be a showcase for the next-generation technologies, including blockchain.

The conference is also being held to showcase the Tata Power Platform (TPP), which aims to “transform the power grid” by using blockchain technology.

In March, the group unveiled its new platform, a joint-venture between Infosiy and the Tata Trusts.

The TTP will be an open source software platform that enables the Tata family of companies to “develop and deploy IT solutions for India, and connect with its customers, stakeholders and stakeholders in other countries and regions through the digital, blockchain and cloud,” Sehrag told reporters at the time.

Development Is Supported By

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