Day: July 23, 2021

CTOs say they don’t see any jobs in construction industry

Engineers are struggling to fill positions in construction and maintenance engineering, the largest job category in the construction industry, with some predicting that as many as 50,000 jobs could be lost to automation in the next few years.The industry, however, is in its infancy, with a shortage of qualified candidates and an increase in demand […]

How to be a service engineer at CTP, Inc., the global CTP engineering company

CTP Engineering is a global leader in services engineering and engineering solutions.CTP is responsible for the development, operation and maintenance of all CTP’s IT infrastructure, from central management to cloud infrastructure.It also provides services for other IT providers.In 2018, CTP created the CTP Service Engineer Program.In 2019, CPT is expanding this program to include other […]

Tata group to unveil new IT services platform in India

The Tata Group has unveiled a new IT platform that it claims will be able to support the future growth of the IT services market in India.In a video briefing, Tata CEO Virender Sehwag said the platform will be a combination of technologies including blockchain, smart contracts, analytics, and distributed cloud.He said the new platform […]

How to design an efficient office: a case study

CTA’s new $60 million “Structural Engineering and Technology” program is supposed to deliver a high-performance office environment for the growing ctrl community.But, according to some CTA employees, the program is a major waste of money and a potential embarrassment for the agency’s top brass.Cities have long been known for high-tech buildings, from the old-school Silicon […]

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