CTP Engineers, Engineers Work on CTP’s ‘Tiny’ Fuel Cell in Michigan

The CTP Engine and Components Division has signed an agreement with engineering firm CTP Engineering Works to help develop a tiny, fuel cell engine for use in the CTP-designed CTP Gas Engine.

The small-scale fuel cell could be powered by a lithium ion battery, which CTP said it plans to integrate into CTP Fuel Engine 1.

The new engine is being developed for the CTE Energy Fuel Cell Manufacturing Center in Wayne, Michigan.

The plant’s president, Bob Janssens, said the small-size fuel cell would make up the fuel cell in the next-generation fuel cell technology that is currently being developed by CTE and the Advanced Electric Vehicles Manufacturing Center.

“Our small fuel cell will enable a new fuel cell that is smaller, lighter, more efficient and safer than existing fuel cell designs,” Janssen said.

“It’s the fuel cells that make it possible for CTE to continue to meet its mission and continue to drive the transformation of the fuel cycle, as we do today.”

The CTE team has already been working on the small fuel cells, and the new engine would not be the first small-fuel cell fuel cell, Jansens said.

The company already has one prototype engine in development, and it’s still under construction.CTP Engine Development, which has a history of being one of the biggest names in the fuel-cell industry, has been working closely with the CTS Energy and Fuel Cell Division at the Wayne County Commission since 2015.

The Wayne County Fuel Cell Development Office is one of several local agencies that is involved in fuel cell development.

The engine’s design is similar to that of the CTO-designed Small Fuel Cell Engine, which is currently under development in the same location.

That engine is powered by hydrogen and uses a lithium-ion battery.

Development Is Supported By

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