‘The Next Big Thing’: Tesla’s New Air Conditioning Engine Could Be In Your Garage by 2020

Tesla’s Air Conditioners are going to get a new face soon, and it may not be the one that people have been waiting for.

The air conditioner is the centerpiece of Tesla’s electric car range, which is expected to sell more than 40,000 cars per year in 2020, according to Tesla’s first quarter sales.

But that number has grown to more than 60,000 per year.

Tesla’s air conditioners are designed to run on battery power, so the company has been trying to keep up with demand and reduce costs.

The company has a few big air conditioning technology breakthroughs, but the technology has not been able to take advantage of new manufacturing techniques.

The company is trying to make that transition now.

On Tuesday, Tesla released an updated product roadmap for air condition, the first major update since its last big update in October.

The roadmap includes a new version of its battery-powered air condition technology, called AirCore, which Tesla says can help power its air condition systems more efficiently.

AirCore is being built in-house at Tesla.

It uses a patented technology that is a combination of lithium-ion battery cells and heaters to convert heat energy into electricity.

The battery technology is more efficient than the conventional lithium-air battery technology, and Tesla says that AirCore will be available for the next few years.

The new version, which has been in development for more than a decade, uses a different material, called a thermal conductor, and is less dense than traditional lithium-ions.

The new version uses a smaller battery pack, which should allow the company to deliver more efficient air condition.

The improved AirCore is designed to provide more efficient heating and cooling.

Tesla has been working on its air conditioning technology for years, but there was a big disconnect between how it worked and how the air was delivered to the car.

Tesla claims that it is using air conditioning that is much more efficient and reliable than the air that people drive in their cars, but this was not the case.

Tesla has been developing the technology to work with the air in a closed environment, and the company claims that its new AirCore technology is much better than the existing AirCore system.

Aircore works by using a new material called a thermocoupler.

This material is lighter than conventional thermal conductors, and allows it to be placed inside the batteries of the air condition unit to increase its efficiency.

Tesla says the new material is a 30 percent improvement over the current standard material, and will be able to produce more electricity than the current thermal conductive material.

The Thermocoupled Material (TCM) is a lightweight, flexible material that can be used to build the Thermoconforming Layer, or TCM, which will be used for the air conditioning in Tesla’s air conditioning system.

The TCM is a thin layer of a material that is made up of several layers, each layer of which is a single atom.

When these layers are layered together, they form a very strong thermocouple, which heats and cools the air, and generates heat.

Tesla calls this material “Thermocouple.”

The Thermosheating Layer (TML) is the final layer of the TCM.

This layer is made of a thermal conductivity that is created by the air.

Thermofactors can then be placed in between the layers to generate heat.

Thermofacts are heat-conducting materials that are much lighter than thermoconductors and much more conductive.

When they are placed in a container, the heat can be generated, and this heat can then go through the liquid-liquid interface to form an electric current, which travels through the wires of the device.

The process is called heating.

Tesla describes the technology as “thermofactory.”

Tesla is working on making its AirCore battery technology much better by using new materials, but it has not yet shown that it can deliver the same efficiency as conventional batteries.

The technology is expected be in production in 2020.

Tesla also said that it will be expanding its manufacturing in-store capabilities.

The air condition room is one of the biggest places for Tesla to make its air.

If Tesla can improve its manufacturing capabilities at the store, it will allow Tesla to offer more electric vehicles and other new products.

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