CTP Engineering Lcs & Co’s CTP Lcs to offer its services through a subsidiary, ctp consulting, as part of a joint venture

The CTP Group of companies will launch a subsidiary in 2021 to provide its services to clients via a joint-venture with a consortium of engineering and consulting companies, CTP engineering llcs, and a joint partnership between the CTP Institute of Technology (CTI) and the CTS Group.

The company will be called ctp consults, and the name will be changed from ctp lcs to ctp advise, CTCG chairman and managing director Mark C. Wilson said.

The CTCGs parent company, the CTC Engineering Group, will continue to operate as a wholly-owned subsidiary of the CTE Group.

“This is an excellent opportunity to build on our existing business model and further our strategic initiatives,” Mr Wilson said in a statement.

The business will be part of the new CTP Consulting Group, which will focus on advising CTP clients on their projects and work with them to implement them.

The name change will take effect in 2021.

CTP llcs is a wholly owned subsidiary of CTP Engines, which is based in South Australia.

Mr Wilson declined to comment on the business details, saying the CTPP Group was still in the early stages of planning.

The new company will take the existing CTP Llcs infrastructure and IT services business and expand them into an enterprise-level service, and it will continue the services of ctp advising, ctc consulting, and ctc consultancy lcs, Mr Wilson added.

“The CTP Consult Services business has grown from an early stage to a mature and successful business, and we have seen that growth in recent years,” Mr Cunneen said.

“In this case, it is important to differentiate CTP from CTP advising and ctcs lcs as we do not currently have an IT department in the CTA.”

CTP consulting, a division of CTC Engines’ engineering division, will be merged with the new company in 2021, CTS said.

Mr Cunsons statement said the new business would be run by a senior executive and a chief operating officer.

“CTP llc will be a leading independent and consulting service provider and the new entity will be subject to the same high standards of business and operating integrity as its predecessor,” Mr Fonseca said.

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