Day: July 17, 2021

CTP Engineering Lcs & Co’s CTP Lcs to offer its services through a subsidiary, ctp consulting, as part of a joint venture

The CTP Group of companies will launch a subsidiary in 2021 to provide its services to clients via a joint-venture with a consortium of engineering and consulting companies, CTP engineering llcs, and a joint partnership between the CTP Institute of Technology (CTI) and the CTS Group.The company will be called ctp consults, and the name […]

‘The Next Big Thing’: Tesla’s New Air Conditioning Engine Could Be In Your Garage by 2020

Tesla’s Air Conditioners are going to get a new face soon, and it may not be the one that people have been waiting for.The air conditioner is the centerpiece of Tesla’s electric car range, which is expected to sell more than 40,000 cars per year in 2020, according to Tesla’s first quarter sales.But that number […]

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