CTP engineers investigate the mystery of ‘ghost’ engines

Gas turbine engine components that are no longer being used, such as pistons and generators, are now being studied by engineers from the British company CTP Engineering.

The company, based in the UK’s east coast, has been using the components since 2009 to power a number of different applications including power stations, power generation, electric vehicles, gas turbines, wind turbines and solar panels.CTP, which also has the power to supply power for the UK government, is currently investigating whether it can re-use some of the components, and will be using the results to create a new generation of fuel cells.

In a statement, the company said the company was working with CTP’s UK engine research team to find out if it can create a hybrid fuel cell that could be used for gas turbines.

“The technology developed by CTP is in line with the UK Government’s goals to develop a viable alternative to fossil fuels for generating electricity and reducing carbon emissions,” the statement said.”CTP Engineering has developed the technology, but has not been able to bring it to market.

This is because of the UK Export Control Regulations and the UK Environment Agency’s requirement that all new technologies be subject to a rigorous testing process before they can be exported.”

In an interview with the BBC last year, CTP engineering chief executive Tim Wilson said the technology was now ready to be commercially available.

“We’ve done a lot of research and are in the process of developing a full commercial product for customers around the world, but it’s important to stress that the technology is still very early in development,” he said.

“It’s a very exciting time for the company, but also a very early stage.”CTP said it was working to bring the technology to market through “the best technology, best design, best manufacturing”.

The company said it planned to introduce a fuel cell in a new model of its turbine engine, but did not specify when.

The BBC reported last year that CTP had been conducting research on a new gas turbine that would use a new fuel cell technology.

Wilson said that technology would be similar to CTP engines, but the company’s use of a new technology would require the fuel cell to be made by a UK company.

“It’s something we can do in partnership with our partners in the United Kingdom and that would mean the UK could be a customer, but not necessarily the supplier of the fuel cells,” he told the BBC.

Development Is Supported By

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