What to do when your car crashes into an old-fashioned telephone pole

CTA Engineering and the CTA are continuing to explore options for an extension of their existing “old-fashioned” telephone pole system to more locations in the Chicago area.

According to a news release issued Tuesday, the CTE will be looking at adding an additional phone line to the existing poles at the existing Bell Avenue and Wacker Drive locations in Englewood.

The additional telephone lines will be able to connect to a mobile phone service.

The news release notes that the existing pole systems have long been used to provide telephone service to customers who live near existing substations.

However, there have been concerns about safety and reliability of the existing phone lines.

The issue has also led to some concerns over the long-term reliability of existing phone systems.

In January, CTA and Engle Park West officials announced that they would be looking to extend the existing line to a new location.

The extension will allow the CTS to provide service to new customers who choose to live closer to existing substation sites.

The CTS is currently working on a plan to extend service to a second new substation site, at the intersection of North Clark and West Clark, that is expected to open in the fall.

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