How to design a carbon capture and storage plant

The carbon capture plant in the northern Italian city of Tuscany will be a “green” one.

The facility, the largest in the country, will use carbon capture to generate electricity for households and businesses, which is “a green” project according to the city’s mayor, Matteo Salvini.

In a letter sent to Tuscans environmental commissioner Francesco Schettino, Salvini said the new plant would be a major part of Ticino’s “green growth” strategy, which includes building renewable energy and carbon capture plants.

“The goal of the project is to reduce the use of fossil fuels and to provide a clean energy solution for the city,” Salvini wrote in the letter to Schettinos office.

The city’s carbon capture facility is expected to produce up to 20,000 megawatt hours of electricity annually, according to Schetti.

The city hopes the facility will also be able to help reduce the amount of CO2 released by the construction of the proposed new light rail system, which will connect Ticinos historic center with the city center.

A recent poll conducted by the Ticinese Chamber of Commerce and Industry shows that 65 percent of Tocans residents support a carbon tax, according a poll released by local newspaper Il Sole 24 Ore.

Salvini told the newspaper that he would personally lobby the government to implement a carbon levy on top of the €3,000 annual tax.

According to the Tocanos Green Growth Council, a group that promotes green economic development, a carbon credit of €5,000 annually would be enough to cover the cost of building the plant.

“If we can get the carbon credit, it will make a significant contribution,” Tocan’s mayor Stefano Di Giorgio told La Stampa newspaper.

“A carbon tax would help the city.

We have been waiting for it for years.”

Development Is Supported By

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