Day: July 2, 2021

How To Fix the CTP Engine: The Problem and the Solution

CTP engines, like many other engine parts, are often made of stainless steel, but in this case it’s copper.The problem with the copper is that it can corrode when it gets too hot.But instead of relying on expensive heat sinks or other means of cooling, it’s made from a single-walled carbon fiber sheet.The carbon fiber […]

Construction underway on CTA’s first CTA Transit Bus station in Chicago

Posted April 13, 2018 09:04:03 Construction has begun on the CTA bus station in Lakeview, Illinois.Construction is expected to begin in July or August, with work expected to last at least a year, CTA spokesperson Mark Zappala told Chicagoist.The project is expected not to affect the Cta’s schedule.Construction of the CTM Bus Station is a […]

How to get your water purification system to run more efficiently

An efficient water purifier can make a huge difference to your water consumption, especially in the winter.In Australia, one of the biggest challenges is the use of ice for water purifiers.The main reason for the need for ice for this type of water purifying is that ice has the capacity to collect more water than […]

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