How to set up a ‘mini-office’ with CPT engineers

An Irish engineering firm has released an app that allows people to set-up “mini-offices” in their homes.

The app, CPT Engineering Works, was developed by an engineering firm that specialises in designing small office buildings.

The company said its aim was to offer “a new way of working in an office environment” to people who have trouble getting to work and is designed to help people create “mini office spaces” in a “short time”.

The app is free to download and has been downloaded more than 200,000 times.

Users can create an office space for up to eight people in their home.

It also includes a calendar and phone number for call-backs.

The developers also provide an online resource with resources for building an office and a list of questions to ask about your workspace.

It’s not the first time CPT has worked on the idea of a mini office.

Last year, it worked on a similar project called “My Mini Office”.

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