Why we’re doing our own structural engineering

Two structural engineers have been granted permission to carry out structural analysis of a concrete-bonded-in-place concrete wall in a construction project at the Port of Melbourne.

The wall is being built to replace the old Melbourne Harbour Bridge over the River Macquarie and is expected to be completed by the end of 2020.

A team of engineers has been working for more than three years on the project, which is being funded by the Victorian Government.

The project is being undertaken by engineering company CTP Engineering, based in Melbourne.

“We have worked with a number of engineering companies around the world to build the new structure and now have the ability to do it on our own,” project manager and engineering director John Waddell said.

“It is very exciting and we are looking forward to seeing the results of our work and are hopeful the public will be very supportive of the project.”

A concrete bond is a much better investment for the public than building the bridge ourselves.

“The cost of a bond is the same as building the structure ourselves.

A bond is also cheaper to build than building an alternative structure.”

A concrete-bound-in column, a type of steel column that uses a concrete bond, was used to strengthen the structure and prevent the bond from flexing and bending under load.

It is being fitted with a steel beam to strengthen it.

A section of the structure will be welded together in two sections, one to hold it together and the other to hold in place a section of concrete.

A metal strip will be cut from the concrete to provide the steel beam and then the concrete column will be secured in place.

It will be installed in phases, starting in the first quarter of 2019.

The total cost of the wall is $2.9 million.

The new structure is the result of a multi-year joint venture between the state and private sector, the state Government, CTP and the Department of Planning and Regional Development.

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